Fairytale Paintings

A bespoken fairytale painting created for your friend, your mother, father or loved one is a cherished gift.

I create each unique piece with careful detail to the recipients wishes and personality traits, with just a touch of fairy dust for whimsy.

I use colors that come to life and add sparkle for a magical feel.


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Story book illustration

Have you dreamed of making your very own story book? Let’s make your dream come true together! I will paint your story into vivid pictures, moods and characters.

The personalities you have thought of will be brought to life and will share adventures on the pages.

Only the imagination is the limit when creating story book illustrations. Ask for an offer for an entire book or for a book cover.


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Fairytale art on the walls and everywhere!

Paper is not the only thing to paint on – fairytale creations can adorn almost anything!

How about a magical life-size unicorn galloping the wall? My paintings are washable and are so three-dimensional that you get the feeling of stepping into the fairytale.

And by changing the furniture arrangement in the room you get endless new possibilities for imaginative playtime.

A backdrop can be painted with anything you wish: a magical fairy princess castle, a mossy forest full of bunnies and foxes, a flowery meadow of fairies, a starry night sky with flying bats – the list is endless!


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