Fairytale Artist Petronella

Pomenia is the creation of fairytale artist, founder of children’s clothing brand Tinttu.com and long-time entrepreneur Petronella Grahn. Petronella emphasises the meaning of stories and imagination in a child’s life and development. She is an advocate for a child’s right to be childishly playful and creative.

She first introduced her fairytale world to the public through the Tinttu.com children’s fashion collection and kept the stories of Pomenia to herself, for over twenty years.

Petronella Grahn imagined the Fairy Dreamland of Pomenia for her own six children. She creates all the enchanting fairytale art and stories of Pomenia and is in charge of the vision and direction of Pomenia. Petronella oversees the mobile game creation and animation. As the founder and long-time successful entrepreneur of children’s clothing and interior design company Tinttu.com Petronella Grahn has the skills and experience to create exceptional ventures.

“I can still remember the awesome feeling as a child when I believed that there was no limit to what I could do. My best friend Harri and I agreed that we could learn to fly if we just practiced a bit more. Following a million attempts made from bunk beds and fire ladders, running outdoors in a heavy storm wind, with bedsheets tied around our necks and our arms stretched out, jumping, leaping, screaming with enthusiasm; we really did take off the ground. My heart would not stop pounding and trying to fall asleep in the evening was almost impossible as I was so full of excitement.”