In the Fairy Dreamland Pomenia everyone still has their own magic, different from anyone else’s. Some Pomenians have their magic hidden in the stars, some hold theirs in the flowers of Posy Meadow and some in a softly sung song, in a heartbeat, in the tangles of their hair or the winds of the storm, at the very tip of their shoe or in the leap of their dance. Magic can be found in quarrels, dirt, and mud, everywhere and all around. Nobody mumbles “I cannot, I should not, I dare not” in Pomenia. Such thoughts are left aside and left to drift past. Pomenians do what they will. And often that is doing nothing at all!

You can sit quietly in Pomenia, even grass grows on its own. You can dance with your shadow or let Sunsmile and Mastermoon grow nests in your hair. Fairies love to curl up for naps in nests made of tangled hair. Friendship has a special glow in Pomenia, sparkling crimson and orange like a sunrise. When friends meet, they laugh and dance like falling leaves. This is Pomenia: deep and clear, love.






The adventurous troll in Pomenia is actually a little child called Teagan. The Troll is one of the few who can travel between the magical and the human world. Quite a long time ago, the Magic Fountain Well-o-Wist delivered a foretelling concerning the arrival of such a traveler. The well described the arriving Troll as small with tangly hair and loads of determination, which turned out to be quite an accurate prophecy indeed. Troll is best friends with Scarytale the dragon. And even if Troll might tumble about and get confused using a tail, there is always a great amount of heart in every endeavor. You can always trust a troll to be a fair and loyal friend.


Tula the Tangly is a tiny troll just like Teagan when she adventures through Pomenia and just happens to be Teagan’s little sister in both worlds! Nobody knows which sibling has more tangles or more determination. Often Teagan lets Tula win (almost always and in all the right things), but there have been times Tula has offered victory to her big brother, as hard as that is for her. Tula’s best friend is Frida Flutterby, who is a much stronger butterfly than such fluttery creatures usually are. Together Tula and Frida get into all kinds of adventures and stories of the pair are known near and far!




Scarytale is the colorful, friendly dragon of Pomenia who could breathe fire and fly the skies, with a bit of practice. At present, his talents mostly cause dangerous situations, especially his knack for fire breathing. Scarytale has an admirable collection of rainbow colored socks as he likes to protects his soft paws against the sharp rocks and needles. Scarytale has a sweet tooth and you can easily track his movements by following the candy wrappers. He might sometimes complain and takes a while to make up his mind, but overall, Scarytale is the best dragon friend a troll could imagine.


the bug

The Bug was born a bug, looks like a bug and smells like a bug but imagines himself a fierce, flying bat instead. He can be hurtful in his comments, because he does whatever he wants to do regardless of others. He bunks in Scarytale’s circus tent. The Bug takes risks if he can and loves to put himself in new, tricky situations. He puts Pomenia first, though, and does things for the greater good. He helps without being asked to, mends broken clothes and always makes enough sandwiches to go around.


Princess Petronella lives in the Enchanted Castle with her Songbird, deep in the Bluewood Forest. The Princess is kind and generous and has a calm, considerate and pleasant way to her. The Enchanted glass castle is the most beautiful building in Pomenia. Petronella’s stunning unicorn Aneira Goldycorn grazes the Bluewood Forest.



Aneira Goldycorn

Aneira is a wild unicorn, with sun spun gold in its mane and tail and a coat that sheens of silver and sparkle.


Princess Petronella is known to ride the unicorn, but Aneira cannot be shackled, she roams free.


In the daytime Aneira grazes Prettyfield and during the nights she sleeps in the Bluewood Forest.


The Dreamweaver moves in that shimmering place in between awake and dreaming. He is a shaman and he carries Magic Fairy Dust. He can travel between different worlds and bring information to Pomenia from the human world. He is friends with Monsieur Mouse and likes to dare him into trying wacky things. Merlo is laidback and relaxed. You can find him sitting on a tree branch, dancing in the wind or doing a balancing act on a fence. Merlo’s hat sways interpreting his moods, shifting, and swinging like a cat’s tail or a ribbon of smoke.


Monsieur Mouse approaches any given situation with attire. Not unlike a knight in his armor, Mouse holds great pride in his appearance. It is not mere vanity, it is a uniform, a necessity. And even he spends countless evenings in and out of the closet and in front of his mirrors, he really is not self-centered. Monsieur Mouse has endless courage when it comes to helping the folk of Pomenia. And he is a bit of a dare-devil – especially when Dreamweaver speaks of all the things humans have tried and achieved. But Monsieur Mouse usually hides his greatest achievements and does not speak of them much. Dressing up gives Mouse the chance to experience the world through different eyes. Dressing as a wolf he becomes the wolf. In fairy attire Mouse feels the fairy life from within.


Lily is a kind, caring and self-confident dragon lady. Beauty surrounds lily Dragon. She lives between Posy Meadow and Prettyfield in a house that could be made of gingerbread. Lily is tender, understanding and a great listener. Time to time Lily loses her temper as all dragon ladies do. When that happens Lily frowns and glowers and puffs black smoke. Nobody is happy when Lily is in a bad mood, but she is never angry for very long and the smoke vanishes as quickly as it came and you can hear her lovely humming once more.


Sunsmile is a warm and nurturing creature of the skies over Pomenia, who loves playing with fairies and flutterbys. She has a very bright disposition and keeps her promises of being on time. She greets Master Moon at dusk and dawn with good news on the course of the day in Pomenia.

Master Moon

Master Moon is great friends with Sunsmile and a close companion of many nocturnal Pomenians. You can always trust Master Moon to be there for you and to listen with intent and understanding. Master Moon loves Trumpeteer’s night ballads and their wordless conversations.


There are too many tattlebats and they live in the tiny caves of Gnarlynoggin, the “Gawking Eyes”. Tattlebats are waily, hairy, creepy little dashers. They gossip to no end telling what they know and making up the rest. The Chief Bat has an ear ring and the ring swaps owners when the tattlebats fight. And they always fight. But they really are just a bunch of harmless brawlers, if you can close your ears and eyes from all the ruckus.


Worse than his reputation, Spite is a solemn and cranky mumbler. He is smart and shrewd, but an isolated hermit. He wishes everyone would share his way of life, making the world around him much more suitable to his needs. Spite McGnarly uses a pocket calendar, even though weekdays never gained much popularity in Pomenia. He keeps a strict regime crossing out consumed days from his calendar. Behavior other people would describe as mean is just plain convenient for McGnarly. Emotions, on the other hand, are a major inconvenience. Colors aggravate him and sounds annoy him. He is willing to go to extreme lengths to prevent festivities and frolicking just to enjoy a moment of peace, quiet and solitude. To put it simply, Spite does not enjoy life. Life is far too messy and unpredictable for his tastes. Nearly everyone in Pomenia fears him and his calculated way of life in which every pounce of joy has been surgically removed.

Pesky Mutt

Houndrel lives with Spite at Gnarlynoggin. Houndrel bites and never learned the command “drop it”, not even from Spite himself. Houndrel has quite a colorful past. He used to be a wolf and his nose was not pink. Houndrel’s pink nose picks up the scent of fairies.


Shadow is Spite’s sentient, malicious, self-sufficient shadow. Shadow can stretch to any place, whispering, conniving and spying. Sometimes uttering the truth and sometimes lies, controlling situations to his liking. Shadow is the worst of Spite and has no conscience whatsoever.

Mr Owl

Mr. Owl is a drowsy, slow-paced bird, who rarely if ever, gets interested in events around him. He does not find conversation particularly useful nor does he believe anybody really understands anyone else, so why bother, really? He knows far too much to waste energy on discussions. And as writing and counting are of little use in Pomenia, you can usually find Mr. Owl taking a nap.


Trumpeteer is full of life and a rainbow of emotions, jamming with the birds, enjoying each moment for its original beat. He lives by the Magic Fountain Well-o-Wist in the Tree of Hearts. He does not talk, he plays. A melody says so much more than talking ever could. Every Pomenian is a friend to him, even the Wicked Warlock Spite McGnarly. His music is what he sees in the life around him and each melody is a story of Pomenia, a note needed for the fairytale to be complete. Music transports him beyond time and place, letting him travel outside Pomenia just like the Dreamweaver. Music is magic.


Perdita has a sharp mind and an even sharper tongue. She does not ask permission or beg forgiveness. Her spells are mighty as the rocks. And Perdita never casts the same spell twice, keeping potions fresh and magic surprising. She is accompanied by Meow Scratches, a cat fearfully afraid of heights and her chatty coffee pot Brewbird, who serves the best coffee imaginable. Perdita the Witch flies high and free, above everybody else.

shamrock shady

Shady Shamrock is the most wonderful boy fairy of Pomenia. He moves and glides in the night and through the day, not noticing when the light shifts. He loves beauty, dance, music, and paintings. Shady is the reason it is difficult to count the fairies as he sometimes turns almost see-through, leaving just a flicker of a feeling in his place. Shady feels all the emotions floating about like they were his own and they can almost make him invisible. Sometimes Shady is a fairy and at other times the gentle sway of candle light dancing on the wall. Shady cries when he feels sad and when he is happier than he can explain. His teardrops fill the Magic Fountain Well-o-wist, form raindrops in clouds and create glistening dew drops in Posy Meadow. One day he will be brave enough to step out of the shadows to be who he is. Wonderful.

Sinopia Surly

Sinopia is an independent and determined fairy. She flies against the current and does things her own way, which is often the other way. Sinopia has been called the Apocalypse Fairy and is the only fairy ever to have stood up to the Wicked Warlock Spite McGnarly. In fact, Sinopia and Spite have a mutual understanding, even an admiration for each other. Their skirmish is a welcome challenge to them both, keeping things interesting. Sinopia is a great dancer, like all fairies. But she wants more to life than the fairy dream.

Scarlet Sunrise

Scarlet Sunrise is a sunny fairy full of energy and flair. She is inquisitive and curious. Scarlet spreads joy like a ray of sunshine. Her eyes are radiant and each of her curls sparkles with the sky. Scarlet is very powerful and was the first to understand what magic Fairy dust can do.


Dahlia wonders and dreams the day away…. and keeps forgetting things. Dahlia is neither here nor there, but mostly somewhere over the rainbow. “Oh, that would be a delightful thing to do, tomorrow…” is a comment often heard from Dahlia, but she holds a secret power that few know about. Her imagination is so strong and vivid that she can do almost anything, especially miracles. Master Moon and Dahlia Daydreamer love to share their stories.

Marigold Merry

Marigold finds something to giggle about in just about everything and has a hard time calming down even when asked to. Most things just are pretty silly to her. She makes every day work seem like play by making up new songs and dance steps to her chores. And things do get done much faster that way. Marigold keeps the tree house looking sparkly and lovely and the rest of the fairies would be lost without her happy flutter.


Fuchsia is by far the most stylish of the fairies. She always looks fantastic and knows how fairies should carry themselves: with confidence and poise. She often worries about what others think about her, and whether they are thinking good things about her. Fuchsia does her auburn hair every morning, applies pink blush and lots of sparkle. Fuchsia loves to dance. Swirling with the music of the wind and the birds carries her away from all her thoughts and makes her feel free.

Lilac Lovely

Lilac is a peace-loving, healing fairy, who is always calm and can help her sisters make up after squabbling. She knows arguing and fighting are of no use at all. She takes her time and carefully considers what she will do, where she will go and how she will behave.


Saphron is the most cutieful fairy there could be. She is so sweet that she makes everybody smile and even the flowers turn in her direction as she flutters by. Saphron has a lovely scent to her, of lily of the valley, vanilla and spices.


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