Fairytale art as wall murals, on a board, a textile backdrop (photography studios) or on furniture:

Paper is not the only thing to paint on – fairytale creations can adorn almost anything!

How about a magical life-size unicorn galloping the wall? My paintings are washable and are so three-dimensional that you get the feeling of stepping into the fairytale.

And by changing the furniture arrangement in the room you get endless new possibilities for imaginative playtime.

A backdrop can be painted with anything you wish: a magical fairy princess castle, a mossy forest full of bunnies and foxes, a flowery meadow of fairies, a starry night sky with flying bats – the list is endless!

The thick backdrop is easily transported to different locations and is very durable. We can also create wallpaper from my paintings and it can be attached to walls or for example onto a movable board.

The board can be made to any shape and silly games are ensured with cut-outs for characters heads. Ask for an offer for the backdrop you envision.

Fairytale wall mural / board / textile (photograph backdrop):

  • Single wall (3mx2,55m) ca.1 500e-
  • Entire room (Walls, ceiling…) ca.2 700e-
  • Fairytale photograph backdrop (ca. 2,5m x 2,7m) ca.1 700e-

Check out the offerings and feel free to ask for an offer:

Fairytale Artist Petronella
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