Fairytale events by Fairytale Artist Petronella

starting 200e- (+VAT)

Imagine, what kind of fairy-tale images it could com out if they are made by agenuine and real fairytale artist?

I do different  art events for both children and adults, and I also love to create small, detailed portraits hand-paintings, telling at the same time one hundred fairy tales.
The fairy or dragon that can not be drawn to the hand can be “any fairy or just dragon on the spot”, but fairy tales always have a story to tell.Child? She wonders, listens and views carefully how the picture is drawn and sometimes for the first time in her life

For smaller events, I’ll come with my Fairychair, small table and paints.Starting  200e- +VAT+km (about.

-Bigger events, for example,fairs. I come with my Magic tent that includes my Fairychair, small table and a million shades of paint.Starting 600e- +VAT+km (About. 5h)

In the snapshot, I first paint on the asphalt either the staple or the finest paints of fairy-tales / picture sets. On top of the pictures, you can put yourself playfully in different positions and forever with the same photo. Certainly a fun and different event! Starting. 300e- +VAT+km+painting tools. (About. 2h- )

Check out the offerings and feel free to ask for an offer for a making fairytale dreams come true. Lets make your event to be magical and unique!

Fairytale Artist Petronella
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