Fairytale paintings:

A bespoken fairytale painting created for your friend, your mother, father or loved one is a cherished gift.

I create each unique piece with careful detail to the recipients wishes and personality traits, with just a touch of fairy dust for whimsy.

I use colors that come to life and add sparkle for a magical feel.

In a fairytale portrait one can become anything imaginable: a fluttering fairy in a blossoming meadow or a firebreathing dragon on a nightly adventure.

Tell me your ideas and how you see the recipient of the portrait, their individual characteristics and qualities. I will create your wish with a touch of magic!

A price quote is given in advance and depends on agreed upon details, technique and difficulty of the project.

Fairytale art can be created on paper, canvas, furniture and as wall murals.

Painting prices include painting material costs.

Prices do not include Value Added Tax (VAT).


Check out the offerings and feel free to ask for an offer.

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