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Mr and Mrs Owl hats

Mr and Mrs Owl hats for the days when your batteries

need to be recharged… One size fits all owls.
Items included:

  • Pomenia Fairy Dress Up App
  • Printable Colouring Pictures
  • Digital Fairy Dust Delivery
  • Magic Fairy Dust Video Book
  • Mr and Mrs Owl hats
70€+ Shipping

Fairytale Poster Package


Come meet the fairytale folk of Pomenia!

Each surprise package of fairytale creature posters is unique, enchanting and surprising
just like each day in the fairy dreamland of Pomenia.
The package includes 10 works of fairytale art
through the years as well as previously unseen
creations from Petronella Grahn.
The posters are of various sizes A4-A2.
80€+ Shipping

Fairytale Sticker Package


The sticker package has a colourful collection of the magical creatures of Pomenia.

Fifteen size A5 stickers including the fairies of Pomenia,
Teagan the Tangly Troll, Scarytale the Dragon,
Monsieur Mouse and many more to happily surprise you!
Surprises make ordinary days magical, don’t you think?
90€+ Shipping

Canvas Fairytale Art

The fairytale canvas artwork are framed prints of fairytale artist Petronella Grahn’s originals.

You can select your favourite from three beautiful paintings: “Fairy Meadow”, “Drowsy Mr. Owl”, or “Sleeping in Forgotten Forrest”.

Size 60cmx60cm.

€140EUR+ Shipping

Collection of Fairytale Mugs

Limited Collection of Fairytale Mugs Five unique mugs adorned with fairytale artist Petronella Grahn’s original paintings:

“Fairy Over the Town”, “Lily Dragon and Monsieur Mouse”, “Fairynook”, “Merlo Dreamweaver& Owl” and“Princess Petronella”.

200€+ Shipping

 Handcrafted Fairytale Hats


Fairytale artist Petronella Grahn hasdesigned handmade fairytale hats from the world of Pomenia.

Would you like a dragon hat
or a fairytale forest animal hat with bunny ears
or perhaps fairy flower petals?
350€+ Shipping

Fairytale Mural Wallpaper


Limited Collection Create a magical roomwith a limited collection Fairytale Mural Wallpaper created by the fairytale artist Petronella Grahn.

The Fairytale Murals are shimmering works of colour,
laughter, and magic!
Select from:
“True Dragon Princess”, “True Dragon Prince”
or “Posy Meadow”, custom measured for your wall.
550€+ Shipping

Original Canvas Painting A2


An original, signed size A2 canvas paintingby fairytale artist Petronella Grahn.

Select your favourite character from the enchanting world of Pomenia and Petronella will paint them for you.
The painting will be delivered to your home.
The painting does not include frames to reduce shipping costs.

Painted Fairytale Mural


A beautiful, hand painted fairytale wall by fairytale artist Petronella Grahn.

She will travel to your location and work on the creative project painting one wall according to your wishes.
Her celebrated, unique painting style will bring colour, sparkle,
and magic to the room.

Sponsor a Fairytale Place


Would you sponsor a magical fairytale space for children such as a play area or hospital waiting room?

This is your opportunity to spread fairy dust where it is
needed most. Fairytale artist Petronella Grahn
will travel to your location,
for example to the selected children’s hospital
and re-create the space with sparkle and colour.
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