“A child has the right to a playful childhood, creativity, imagination, stories, laughter, and adventure. Each child is perfect as their very own self. Magic should be cherished and kept alive by sharing stories.”

Petronella Grahn

Petronella Grahn

“I can still remember the awesome feeling as a child when I believed that there was no limit to what I could do. My best friend Harri and I agreed that we could learn to fly if we just practiced a bit more. Following a million attempts made from bunk beds and fire ladders, running outdoors in a heavy storm wind, with bedsheets tied around our necks and our arms stretched out, jumping, leaping, screaming with enthusiasm; we really did take off the ground. My heart would not stop pounding and trying to fall asleep in the evening was almost impossible as I was so full of excitement.”

Stephanie sinclair-lappi
CO-FOUNDER OF POMENIA, International operations

”I regonised Pomenia: the crystal castle, the bluewood forest. Pomenia flew me back to the stories I used to come up with for my little sisters.”


Pirkka Lindström
Director of Fairytale operations

“I experience something new each time I explore Pomenia. To me, the pictures hold the beginning to every story. I think Pomenia reminds me of my own childhood and of the dreams I had then.”


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We bring options to the international children’s market that are carefully thought out, with a strong value base and child sensitive content without compromising imagination and adventure. Ask for more. We will be happy to help you.
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