”Last summer Petronella created a magical nursery for our little boy.
The room is a moonlit fairytale forest with twisty, grand oaks guarding our boy’s sleep.
An owl watches over him in the night as baby dragons hatch in fairy dust under a full moon.
A sparkling castle invites to imaginative play and a wonderful tree-house was built in the corner and then lined with storybooks.
Two oaks create a family tree with fairytale portraits hanging on the branches. The portraits depict relatives from both sides of our family as forest animals and magical creatures.
Petronella also made all the textiles for the nursery and brought beautiful lamps, bookshelves and rugs.
The curtains have pockets for stuffed animals, the little chairs were magically transformed into mushrooms and the tree-house is lit from within to create an enchanted nook to play in.
Petronalla truly brings magic with her, to whatever she touches.
I love being in the room – it’s just an enchanting place! And I think the best testimony comes from our son.
You often hear how children rarely spend time in their own rooms,
but our boy loves playing in his magical world and he really likes bedtime in his fairytale forest amongst all the friendly creatures.” Stephanie, from Raseborg, Finland.

Interior decoration of a fairytale room:

Fairytale rooms are made to order according to your wishes. Before starting the project I visit the location so we can go over the plans together.

The planning visit is charged at 350/e and reimbursed in the final cost of the room. After seeing the location I provide a raw draft and a plan for the project, with a schedule and a budget.

In addition to painting the walls, all the furniture can be decorated with color and characters (beds, dressers, cupboards, lamps etc.) according to the chosen theme.

This brings beautiful variation to the room and is topped off with unique made-to-measure curtains, decorative pillows, a bedcover and a pouch with personalized nightwear.

I also have a carpenter at hand who can craft wonderful custom-made pieces for the room.

All creations are handmade in Finland.

A fairytale awaits to be created, all you need to do is dream and I will take care of everything else with a touch of fairy dust! A sprinkle of fairy dust makes all kinds of magical things happen.

If you can give your child one gift, let it be excitement!

Interior decoration of fairytale room:

  • Fairytale mural on single wall + textiles (curtains, decorative pillowcases, bedcover) ca. 2 100e-

  • Furniture adorning from 150e/piece
  • Entire creation of fairytale room (fairytale murals on walls and on furniture pieces, textiles including personalized fairytale nightwear) ca. 3 500e-

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