Pomenia is the exciting story of a unique little boy who is swept away by magic. One morning, the little boy wakes up from his bed in the middle of the fairy dreamland Pomenia, and he has been transformed into a cute little troll. Soon audacious adventures await him, together with a kind dragon that fears flying!

The duo must save Pomenia from eternal winter and coldness, which Spite McGnarly loves and cherishes. Magic fairy dust is urgently needed – a lot of magic fairy dust.

Luckily, they do not need to survive alone in any of their daunting endeavors, because in Pomenia all creatures – great and small, from beetles to fairies – help each other, always.

In Pomenia good and evil battle, yet no evil is so great that a small child would have difficulty facing it.  Conquering fear, having courage and collaboration help to achieve new surprising skills to the small viewer’s amazement. The dramatically exciting story teaches that the most important thing we learn is the courage to be true to yourself. Be yourself, no matter who you are: whether you are Spite McGnarly, the wicked warlock, Lily, a dragon who fears flying, a fairy who loves beauty and goodness, or even a small, frizzly-haired troll.
When the story ends and the troll wakes up,it`s back to normal morning for the little boy ….but maybe everything wasn’t just a dream?

The fairytale world of Pomenia created by artist Petronella Grahn has existed for a long time in the form as finely expressed visual art and many, many stories. The world of Pomenia originated in the bedtime stories and adventures that Petronella shared with her six children. With the help of the long-lasting development work and direct feedback from her children, Petronella’s fairytale characters have evolved into a unique set of creatures.

In Pomenia, averyone arrives as their very own magical being. There is a fairytale character appropriate for anyryone, since everyone can identify with a favorite character. The group dynamics of the Pomenia community are also developed into amazing heights.
The challenges which the characters of the story will confront are the same that children face every day, everywhere in the world. Finding one’s inner strengths, respecting the differences of others and working together are all essential – regardless of your age or background. Adults get to see things from a child’s perspective and become a child again. Pomenia is gearing for worldwide distribution, since we all need to fall into a world where there is enough space for everybody, where we all belong and are accepted as magical creatures.

Pomenia speaks of kindness, adventure, courage, joy, and magic. Themes we value and treasure. Themes which affect people around the world. The world of Pomenia is intended to be shared, as all magical things are. Petronella Grahn has said “Welcome” to everything Pomenia brings as that is what anyone entering Pomenia hears upon their arrival.

”Give a child the gift of imagination and enthusiasm, to soar through life!”