Welcome to Pomenia!

It all began over 20 years ago with play, magic, and the bedtime stories fairy tale artist Petronella Grahn told her six children to teach them all the skills they would need later in life.

One morning, a young child – transformed into a cute little troll – wakes up under a magic tree in the middle of the fairy dreamland of Pomenia.

However, great adventures are never faced alone. Together with a group of kind-hearted creatures, the child must save Pomenia from eternal winter, which the wicked warlock Spite McGnarly absolutely loves.

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, Pomenia invites you to adventure together into a magical world, encouraging you to move, play, take part,  and try out new things.

The Power of Play

Children are inquisitive by nature – they want to learn about new things, they are eager to explore the world around them and to experiment with what they have learned.

Pomenia addresses this need by immersing children in a
fairytale world where children develop creativity and nurture
emotional intelligence.

The dramatically exciting story teaches emotional intelligence, social skills and courage. These skills lead to a more balanced life, better self esteem and more successful life

However, the most relevant thing is: playing is important because it is so much fun.

Give your child the gift of imagination, play and fun and it will carry them through life!


Fairytale artist Petronella Grahn

Pomenia is the creation of fairytale artist, founder of children’s clothing brand Tinttu.com and long-time entrepreneur, Petronella Grahn.

She was inspired by the magical characters and imaginative tales initially created as bedtime stories to enthrall her six children. Stories then evolved into successful children’s fashion collection and fairytale merchandise.

All her work is driven by the importance of storytelling and imagination in early childhood development. She believes in children’s ability to play freely, safely and imaginatively and openly to be who they want to be.

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