Teagan the Tangly Troll

Theo is a young boy who falls asleep at home one night and  wakes up in the Fairy Dreamland of Pomenia. In Pomenia he  is transformed into Teagan, a tangly-haired troll. The arrival  of Teagan has been foreseen in the Magic Fountain, as the  boy whose mission is to rescue Pomenia from the eternal winter.

Teagan is a courageous, reliable and an open-minded troll. His best friend is the dragon Scarytale. Together with his  friends, he is the hero who saves Pomenia.

Tula the Tangly Troll

Tula is Theo’s little sister. She ends up in Pomenia by  accident and is transformed into a tangly-haired troll just  like her brother. However, Tula quickly learns the ropes and  throws herself fully into the adventures of Pomenia.

Tula is a  cheerful, curious and wild troll girl. Wayward as all little sisters are… Her eyes sparkle with excitement. Tula appears for the first time in Pomenia Book Trilogy part two.


Scarytale is a friendly dragon unable to fly, until Teagan helps him conquer his  fears. Scarytale is a kind-hearted dragon who is often hesitant to try out  new things.

Occasionally his fire-breathing abilities lead to minor  –  and sometimes not so minor  – mishaps.  (Scarytale loves his collection of woolly  socks and all kinds of sweet treats.)

Scarytale  teaches us that the most essential things we learn are the courage to be true to ourselves, ability to work together with others and respect the differences of others.

Sinopia Surly

Sinopia Surly

Sinopia is a feisty and fearless fairy who doesn’t  get spooked easily, not even by Spite McGnarly.  Rather the opposite – Sinopia quite enjoys her  little rows with Spite. Like Pomenia’s other fairies,  Sinopia loves to dance, but she does not see  herself as a classic fairy in a light-hearted fairy  tale.

She has no filter and says things straight out  just like young children do –and sometimes this  comes across as far too direct. Sinopia exsists for big adventures. Therefore nothing scares her.

Spite McGnarly and Houndrel

Spite McGnarly, is the Wicked Warlock and  wizard of darkness, who hates joy,  happiness, laughter – and most of all dance – basically anything fun. He is grumpy and  would prefer everyone in Pomenia lived a  quiet and orderly life. Strict schedules and  cleaning days for all!

Pomenians are afraid  of Spite and Houndrel, his dog. Houndrel  used to be a wolf and when he bites, he will  not let go –not even when Spite tells him  to. The only thing Houndrel is scared of is  Perdita the Witch.

Once Perdita turned Houndrel’s nose  pink, permanently. His pink nose is  exceptionally good at sniffing out the  scent of fairies which can be embarrassing for someone who used to be a wolf.


Spite has a Shadow who is more  malevolent than Spite himself – an even  more evil alter ego. Shadow is a  schemer and a spy, making up lies and  truths for his own evil entertainment. 

Shadow lacks any kind of conscience and  often manipulates things in the hopes of  driving Pomenia into eternal darkness.

Shadow is a truly evil character.

Lady Lily Dragon

Lily is the sweetest dragon you will ever meet. She lives in a lovely  gingerbread cottage between Posy Meadow and Prettyfield. She has a big  heart and a sharp wit.

Deep down she  is kind and a great conversationalist.  She loves beautiful flowers and  dancing. (Scarytale has a bit of a  crush on Lily.)

The Little Fox

The Little Fox is a curious and happy fellow. If there is something he  doesn´t know, he goes and finds it out. He is the character who often  moves the story on by asking questions. For example, in the book, The  Secret of Fairydust, he focuses on fairy dust, from its origins through  to why its collected and what it ultimately does for Pomenia. As such  he is a role model, encouraging children to be inquisitive, to find out  and learn new things.

When he’s not asking questions, The Little Fox  loves to play and knows all the best games and activities. He is a very  good friend of Pixley and Pinkey.

Pixley and Pinkey

Pixley and Pinkey

Pixley and Pinkey are tiny  creatures with a LOT of energy.  Despite their diminutive size, they  want to be in the thick of all of the  action and adventures in Pomenia.

They are brothers and look so  much alike that sometimes even  they get each other mixed up. This  case of mistaken identity,  combined with their over-excitable  nature,  can lead to all kinds of  mishaps and result in chaotic situations.

Monsieur Mouse

Monsieur Mouse approaches any given situation with great  aplomb and elegance. Not unlike a knight in his armor, Mouse holds great pride in his attire and appearance.

It is not  mere vanity, it is a uniform, a necessity. And despite  spending countless evenings in and out of the closet and in front of his mirrors, he really is not self-centered. Rather it gives him the confidence to have endless courage when it  comes to helping the folk of Pomenia. 

Dressing up gives Mouse the  chance to experience the world through  different eyes. Dressing as a wolf he becomes the wolf.  Dressing as a fairy he sees the world with fairy‘s eyes. Mouse says that being a mouse is one option but one of many exciting options is being a number of other things and also very pleasing! Monsieur Mouse speaks French (even though he doesn’t really know how to).

Mr. Owl

Mr. Owl is very wise and has been a stalwart of Pomenia for as long  as anyone can remember. He has advice for all kinds of situations –  if he can be bothered to give it, that is. Mr. Owl finds it frustrating  to speak because he thinks no one will understand what he is saying  anyway.

He is certainly not one for small talk. This makes it difficult  for him sometimes to fit in with other youngsters around him in  Pomenia. Not helped by the fact that Mr. Owl spends a lot of his time sleeping.


The Seven Fairies, or perhaps eight – if you count them carefully – and even then there  might be nine! Saphron Sparkle, Scarlet Sunrise, Fuschia Fantastic, Dahlia Daydreamer, Shamrock Shady, Marigold Merry and Lilac Lovely. With so many of them in the group they can seem totally disorganised (their home is a lovely mess) but somehow they always make  sure they accomplish the most important job in Pomenia – gathering the fairy dust.  The Fairies are constantly wrangling – just like siblings do.

However, they  are happiest when they work together as a group whatever they are up to.  The Fairies love to dress up and change clothes specially in the morgnings before they go out for work.  All the outfits must be tried out in real action in flying, jumping and fluttering.

The Bug

The Bug was born a bug, looks like a bug and  smells like a bug, but imagines himself a fierce, fl ying bat instead. This makes him fearless and  outspoken at times. He can go too far and be  hurtful in his comments.

The Bug takes risks if  he can and loves to put himself in new, tricky  situations. But despite these traits – deep  down – he puts Pomenia first and ultimately  does things for the greater good. He helps  out without being asked to, repairs the  Pomenian’s clothing and always makes enough sandwiches to go around.

Merlo Dreamweaver

Merlo Dreamweaver is a shaman who can drift  between our world (the ‘real world’) and Pomenia, in  the twilight zone between dream and consciousness.  He can also perform magic using Pomenia’s fairydust. 

Merlo has great balance and stability and can hold  himself in many different positions. He moves in a funny way. He is an adorable character!

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