All kind of things happened just as all kinds of things are supposed to happen.

Pomenia – The Great Adventure

Once about a time, now, and forever after. In the Dream Fairyland of Pomenia...

Pomenia – The Great Adventure

The wind in Pomenia whispered: I remember you. Do you remember me? I quietly whispered in reply: I have been here before. I just could not remember before I found my way back.

One of the many wisdoms of Pomenia

In a magical dream fairyland one adventures as a magical creature. After all, a human is a magical creature as well, even though they often forget it.

Pomenia – The Great Adventure

How would it be possible to notice that you’re brave, if you’re never afraid?

Teagan’s mother

Great adventures are never entered alone or without help.

Merlo Dreamweaver

Let's escape! It is fun!

Sinopia Surly, one of the fairies in Pomenia

Be whatever you want to be, your very own kind.

One of the many wisdoms of Pomenia

Jos tykkäsit, jaa tämä juttu muillekin!
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