Tales from a Fairy Dreamland, part one

The Wicked Warlock Spite McGnarly has increased his hold over the Fairy Dreamland of Pomenia. He wants to stop all fairies from gathering any more magic fairydust, which is essential to Pomenia.

Pomenians seek help from the human world. A boy named Theo arrives in Pomenia, transforming into Teagan, a tangly-hairedtroll.

Teagan and his dragon friend Scarytale embark on a tense and exciting adventure to save Pomenia from the rule of Spite McGnarly.

Tales from a Fairy Dreamland, part two

Theo returns to Pomenia as Teagan, with her little sister Tula joining him by accident. Tula is the second prophecy, foretold by the Magic Fountain. Spite is irritated by the Pomenians’ jubilations and merriment and, to everyone’s horror, he blows up the land’s magic fairydust reserves in the Enchanted Castle.

Evil continues to spread across Pomenia. The fairy dreamland is in danger. And so is Theo’s sister.

Tales from a Fairy Dreamland, part three

The Wicked Warlock Spite has kidnapped Pomenia’s fairies and confiscated their magic spoons. Spite is also holding Teagan’s sister Tula captive. The fairies are rescued and it is revealed the fairies also have a little brother who lives in the Augury Pines forest.

However, Pomenia’s fairydust has run out and the fairies don’t have the magic spoons needed to gather more. Perdita the Witch tells Teagan there is one more magic spoon somewhere in the Augury Pines; it belongs to the fairies’ brother. The spoon is found and collection of fairydust can continue, although only with the help of one fairy.

The Secret of Fairy Dust

Pomenia fairytale picture book. The book explains the power of fairydust, which is the main ingredient in Pomenia world.

The story begins when The Little Fox wants to know more about fairydust, its origins and why it is collected. The Little Fox gets help from brothers Pixley and Pinkey who are always ready for action and adventures. Pixley and Pinkey find out about the lovely secret of fairydust.

Scarytale - The Hero of All Dragons

This Pomenia fairytale picture book tells the story of Scarytale, the friendly dragon unable to fly, until his friend Teagan helps him conquer his fears.

The story is about courage, inner strength and friendship. The colourful story teaches that the most essential things we learn are the courage to be true to yourself, ability to work together with others and respect the differences of others. Scarytale – The Hero of All Dragons picture book shows how everything is possible.

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