Your life is a fairytale adventure!

Your life is a fairytale adventure – if you just see it as one!

The source and core of all the stories in  Pomenia emphasise key values of imagination, friendship, sensitivity, love, sharing,  participating and beauty.

The challenges which the Pomenian characters will confront are the same that childrenface every day, everywhere in the world. Finding one’s inner strengths, respecting the differences of others and working together are all essential – regardless of your age or background.

Pomenia speaks about adventure, courage, kindness, joy and magic. Themes we value and treasure.

Give your child the gift of imagination, play and fun and it will carry them through life!


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Magic is already nesting in your palm

Everything need not be quite so serious!

Pomenia has existed in various tales and drawings for some time. But after a long development process, including feedback from children, the mother-of-six and the founder of Pomenia Petronella Grahn has further honed Pomenia’s magical creatures into their own persons, with their own personalities and characteristics; into a group of creatures where everyone can find their favourite. 

Pomenia highlights the importance of storytelling and imagination in early childhood development. We advocate for children’s right to play freely, safely and imaginatively, and their right to openly be who they want to be. 

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Be who you want to be!

In Pomenia everyone sticks together, the fairies, the bugs and the little gnats alike.

Although in Pomenia the rivalry between good and evil is always present, there isn’t anything so evil which a child could not confront. Courage, collaboration and conquering one’s fears are all central to the adventures in Pomenia.

Through storytelling and fantasy we get to learn that what matters the most is daring to be yourself, no matter who that is – a warlock who loves the dark, a fairy who is drawn to all things beautiful, a dragon who can’t fly, or a little troll with tangly hair. 

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