Once about a time, now, and forever after...this is how it all got started.

Playful Childhood

In childhood there was no limit to what one could do. One could learn to fly if one just practised a bit more. The joy of playing and adventuring has always been and still is a natural part of everyday life of Petronella Grahn, the founder of Pomenia.

The First Dragon Hat

Petronella Grahn  was inspired by the magical characters and imaginative tales initially created as bedtime stories to enthrall her six children. Stories then evolved into successful children’s fashion collection and fairytale merchandise in 1997 when Petronella Grahn made the first dragon hat for her oldest sun.

Children and Their Parents

Every child has a right to play! Pomenia founder Petronella Grahn opened a family park in Vantaa, Finland in 1999.

In the family park children were playing and enjoying outdoor life and their parents could talk together with other parents and share their daily life adventurous.  


All of a sudden everybody wanted to have their own dragon hat. Bunnies, foxes, fairies and trolls! Children’s clothing brand Tinttu.com was established. Petronella Grahn created her first webstore in 2000.

Tinttu.com was the perfect place to introduce Petronella Grahn’s fairytale characters and entire magical fairy dreamland of Pomenia.

Fairytale clothes and accessories brought adventures and sparkling moments in children’s everyday life around Finland and Europe.

Fairytale Murals

The Pomenia fairytale world became visible also in big fairtyale murals.

Petronella Grahn’s artwork delights and helps create a warmer atmosphere in various Finnish hospitals, such as the Medical Center Mehiläinen, Kotka Hospital and Jorvi Hospital.  Her designed art walls can be found in HopLop children’s indoor activity centers in Finnish cities and in the outdoor parks and daycare centers.

The First Art Exhibition

From murals to art exhibitions! Petronella Grahn had her first Pomenia art exhibition in 2013. 

The First Fairytale Book

Petronella Grahn wrote and illustrated her first children’s story book in 2015, called “Magic Fairy Dust”.

The Fairytales Become Alive

The world of Pomenia is intended to be shared, as all things magical are. With the help of extensive development work and direct feedback from children, parents and education professionals, Petronella Grahn’s fairytale characters have devolved into a unique set of creatures.

In 2015, Petronella saw that pedagogical approach is the future of Pomenia. In Pomenia children are learning important life skills in  a way that is most natural for them: by playing and exploring. 

The Door to Pomenia is Open!

Co-operation with our lovely publisher in Finland, Kumma-kustannus, begins. The first book in Pomenia trilogy comes out in August 2020, second and third part in 2021. Many Pomenia small stories -books and educational materials are also reaching out to Finnish children and parents.


More Pomenia!

In 2021 Pomenia is spreading its wings across the globe with an international media and production team. Currently, Pomenia is being prepared for the big screen with an animated film and TV series for global audiences. 

Bonnier Rights, a leading literary agency, represents Pomenia books abroad.

To freedom, to play, and to beauty!

Jos tykkäsit, jaa tämä juttu muillekin!
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