Fairytale Artist Petronella Grahn

Petronella Grahn

Petronella Grahn (born 1970) is the founder of Pomenia, a fairytale artist, storyteller and a mother of six children. 

“When I am illustrating and writing Pomenia stories  I can feel the same enthusiasm I experienced when I was a child. and the wind pushed the sheet and blow me into the air. These sparkling moments of happiness tell me this is my adventure and I am flying again!”

Petronella was inspired by the magical characters and imaginative tales initially created as bedtime stories to enthrall her six children. Stories then evolved into successful children’s fashion collection Tinttu.com and fairytale merchandise in 1997.

Following a long development process, involving her children too Petronella has honed the spellbinding Pomenian creatures into their own individual characters, with distinctive personalities and characteristics for every one to adopt.

All her work is driven by the importance of storytelling and imagination in early childhood development. She believes in children’s ability to play freely, safely and imaginatively and openly to be who they want to be.

You can follow the fairytale artist at work on Facebook and on Instagram.

“I can still remember the awesome feeling in childhood  when I believed that there was no limit to what I could  do. My best friend and I thought that we could learn to fly if we just practised a bit more.

Following a million  attempts made from bunk beds and fire ladders, we  were running outdoors in a heavy storm wind, with  bedsheets tied around our necks and our arms  stretched out, jumping, leaping, screaming with enthusiasm; then we really took off the ground.

“Happiness is in the tip of a dragon’s tail. You can either try to chase it your whole life or you can just… FLY and the happiness comes with you!”

pomenia taikamaailma

"Give your child the gift of imagination, play and fun and it will carry them through life."

Jos tykkäsit, jaa tämä juttu muillekin!
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