Take a peek into the wonderful world of Pomenia fairytales!

The Fairy Dreamland of Pomenia is bright with laughter, play and friendly creatures. One spring all this beauty expands to such unseen greatness that the Wicked Warlock Spite McGnarly becomes frightened and dangerous. Spite wants everybody to just stop frolicking. To be more like him and quietly go about their day. The warlock threatens to end the collection and delivery of Magic Fairy Dust and that would bring magic to an end in the fairytale world. Pomenia awaits a very determined little hero to save the arrival of spring. A vast amount of colorful outfits will be needed, a leap of faith, flying, some sandwiches and a brave travel companion.

Scarytale and Teagan the Tangly

Scarytale and the Troll start for Posy Meadow to meet the fairies.
– Tell me about Pomenia, Teagan asks as they walk.
– Pomenia, savors Scarytale the dragon, is beauty. Beauty holds deep darkness to it as well, to make the beauty shine. It is like when you first taste a very bitter blueberry and then a sweet one, you know? You taste the sweetness better that way.


“Sunsmile twirled one long curl of sun in through the window of the fairy tree. She tickled the little fairy noses to let them know morning had come.

You could hear the chime and giggle of seven fairies getting up and spreading their shimmering wings from under the colorful little patchwork blankets.

– Today is a new day. A new day is born every time Sunsmile rises.

– So, it is a birthday!

– The birthday of today!”

Enchanted Castle

“The Enchanted Castle that rises at the far end of the Bluewood forest heard Monsieur Mouse and Lily pleading for help.

The castle shook lightly, sending a shimmer up the castle staircases and through the chandeliers so Princess Petronella would receive the message.

Princess Petronella was startled but luckily, she knew what needed to be done. She waited for night to fall and then climbed barefoot up to the castle roof with her gown ruffling in the evening wind. Holding the pearly ball at the top of the castle roof so she would not fall she told the Stars and Master Moon all the dangers spring would bring. The sky wanted to help so Petronella told them how Pomenia needed to be turned from spring to summer, from tiny little buds to blooming flowers and to newly hatched dreams.

After Princess Petronella had told the Stars and Mastermoon everything a light descended deep into the Bluewood Forest into the Magic Fountain Well-o-Wist. The light shoot through the clear water all the way to the dark muddy bottom of the well. And an answer rose to the top. Golden letters twinkled on the surface of the fountain and tiny ticklies waterskied over them in wonder.”

The Troll and the Tree of Hearts

“The Augury Pines still whispered their senseless limericks but with so much compassion that some tree sap dripped from their sides. They tenderly feathered Teagen’s head with their softest branches as he walked by them. And then there, in the middle or perhaps behind them, Teagan heard a quiet, but persistant melody. He blew his nose on a big starflower leaf and perked his troll ears to listen. The tune dripped notes after one another, climbing up and down and in curlicues, calling to follow. Teagan the Troll got up and started towards the melody. His paws were lighter now and he no longer felt like crying. His toes crunched over the dry twigs and swooshed through the moss adding sounds to the music.

The melody lead Teagan to the center of the woods to an enormous sparkling tree. The tree grew hearts of all colors and kinds: paper hearts and hearts made of velvet, shiny hearts and broken hearts, iron hearts and hearts of stone, sparkly hearts, and very fluffy hearts. Each heart was one of a kind and the Tree of Hearts was very very beautiful.”

Spite McGnarly

Spite McGnarly The Troll and Scarytale swapped stories for a while. Teagan told of Trumpeteer and the foretelling and the Stars shimmering in the Magic Fountain.

– I like the dark. You see beautiful things in the dark. When I was still a little boy and not a troll yet, I was afraid of the dark. I even slept with the lights on! But I am not afraid anymore, especially when you are here with me.

– Yes, replied Scarytale thinking for a moment. There is the dark that I am not afraid of either but then there is darkness I would not want to even peek into.

– Like being mean on purpose, said the Troll. That kind of dark.

– Or not wanting to help someone who needs help, added the dragon.

– Or when you try to force others to live the way you do, offered Teagan, thinking about Spite. – If you think dancing is silly you would not let anybody else dance either. Or thinking commanding others is friendship. Spite commands Houndrel all the time.

– That dog does not obey much, though, chuckled Scarytale. – Houndrel just skirts around Spite just like the Shadow. I do not think Spite really has anybody to boss around, except for himself. He commands himself so much that he is not even free anymore. All he does is cross out the days he has used up.

Spite has put an evil spell on Pomenia and the colors are all gone!

See if you can bring the colors back to the map of Pomenia.