Pomenia is the creation of fairytale artist, founder of children’s clothing brand Tinttu.com and long-time entrepreneur Petronella Grahn. Petronella emphasises the meaning of stories and imagination in a child’s life and development. She is an advocate for a child’s right to be childishly playful and creative.

She first introduced her fairytale world to the public through the Tinttu.com children’s fashion collection and kept the stories of Pomenia to herself, for over twenty years. Petronella has shared the tales of the Fairy Dreamland with her six children as wonderful bedtime stories, teaching them important lessons and creating magical games.

Petronella wanted to bring forth the fairytale world that all her creativity was based on, but she was waiting for courage to take that leap of faith and the time never seemed right to share the stories until in 2015 when she met co-founder Stephanie Sinclair Lappi.

Petronella and Stephanie shared the same values of upbringing children in a colourful world of play, imagination, dreaming, and stories. When they started to plan a partnership, they noticed they also shared a strong work ethic, believing in what they could create with the ability to see wonderfully big things happen and by constantly teaching themselves new things.

Pomenia is a unique company in the mobile app/game space, with management consisting of two strong Scandinavian women.


Petronella Grahn imagined the Fairy Dreamland of Pomenia for her own six children. She creates all the enchanting fairytale art and stories of Pomenia and is in charge of the vision and direction of Pomenia. Petronella oversees the mobile game creation and animation. She is a fairytailor and an interior designer, creating the products for Pomenia Design by Fairytale Artist Petronella with over twenty years of experience in merchandising and online commerce. As the founder and long-time successful entrepreneur of children’s clothing and interior design company Tinttu.com Petronella Grahn has the skills and experience to create exceptional ventures.

Stephanie Sinclair Lappi manages the international networks, negotiations, and operations of Pomenia. She speaks fluent Finnish, Fairy and English and is busy turning the fairy dreamland of Pomenia into enchanted English. Stephanie Sinclair Lappi took her first three-person company from Finland to the New York Nasdaq stock exchange and is looking forward to building Pomenia together with Petronella Grahn. In Pomenia Stephanie Sinclair Lappi is in charge of magical operations and escapades. She is a map maker, a courageous adventurer and director of good news.

Pomenia wants to tell stories through various channels. Children and families need to be approached where children are in 2018 and this means bringing the fairytale world to virtual formats such as mobile apps, and downloadable music. We are not forgetting traditional channels but offering mobile apps alongside board games and animated stories and video books alongside traditional storybooks. Our guiding principle is to bring options to the international children’s market that are carefully thought out, with a strong value base and child-sensitive content without compromising imagination, adventure, and creativity.

Every child has the right to be the creative, playful, and imaginative being that they truly are. This has been the life mission of Petronella. The world of Pomenia is intended to be shared, as all magical things are. Petronella Grahn has said “Welcome” to everything Pomenia brings as that is what anyone entering Pomenia hears on their arrival.